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Simone Roche MBE founded Northern Power Women in 2015 to accelerate gender equality from the North. Along with Northern Power Futures, the community now exceeds 60,000 across all sectors, genders and socio economic groups incorporating the Northern Power Futures movement supporting future talent and celebrating role models.

The Power Platform has been inspired by this passionate and purposeful community who proactively offer opportunities to support, guide and share skills.

The platform has been developed by our guiding principles to Pay it forward, Be Generous and Make a Difference. We also wanted to make it easier for people to develop purposeful connections, and share knowledge and skills to support each other. The quicker we grow, the more good we can deliver to benefit the whole of UK and beyond.

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Our guiding principles

Pay it forward

Pay it forward

The community believes in supporting others to develop and rewards those who strive for positive results. The community sponsors people and events whether individuals are attending, training or hosting.

Be generous

Be generous

The community is generous with both its time and skills and people are willing to share knowledge in order to benefit its members. The Power Platform works to inspire and showcase the talents and skills across the community.

Make a difference

The community is here to make a difference to individuals and their personal and professional groups. To deliver what matters to people regardless of the size of a task or the amount of time it might take.

Assess your Power Strengths

Carry out regular self-assessments based on our 'power traits' to help you make meaningful connections and match you with engaging opportunities and events

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Our Campaigns

Northern Power Women

Northern Power Women is a collaborative campaign to accelerate gender diversity from the North of England.

Northern Power Futures

Northern Power Futures works in partnership with schools, further and higher educational establishments to provide events and ancillary services which connect talented individuals with opportunity and practical careers guidance.

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