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Be Heard


We want to improve representation in the media to encourage and amplify a diverse range of voices and are working with multiple high-profile broadcasters to influence this. This campaign was initially inspired from hosting two successful BBC 5050 Project events over the last year which fuelled in excess of 60 media appearances across tv and radio and also a diversity group for Black, Asian, minority ethnic voices.

We are growing a portfolio of contributors and speakers to make media and events  more balanced.

Dr Marnie Millard OBE, CEO Nicholls plc (home of Vimto) has joined us as an ambassador for the campaign,

“So clearly you don’t need to be media-trained to be able to be able to speak about true life on the airwaves with confidence and conviction! So excited to be an ambassador for the #BeHeard campaign creating more equal representation in the media #WeAreNPW.”

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