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New Traits of Leadership Research

We have been working with senior leaders, influencers and future talent throughout the pandemic to understand and identify leadership best practise

The Power Platform and Northern Power Women, in association with Teesside University, are developing a purposeful piece of research, to look at what the new traits of leadership are in a Covid19 world.

“The response to the Covid19 pandemic has prompted leaders in all walks of life to respond to challenges and make judgements in a way that none of them expected in their lifetimes.  On the world stage particularly, there are a number of female leaders who have navigated effectively through this global health crisis.  They appear to have averted the collapse of health and wellbeing in the countries they represent displaying compassion, reasoning, preparedness, clarity, empathy, inspiration and collaboration.  They have also demonstrated an ability to take difficult decisions, listen and build trust.

We believe that their example has created an opportunity to challenge the embedded assumptions around leaders and leadership and that it is time to explore further, the qualities that appear to have created more positive outcomes.  To that end, we have developed some questions to help build a better understanding of leaders and leadership by capturing peoples’ experiences, thoughts and feelings during the pandemic.”

Our newly launched Power Platform is connecting individuals and opportunities globally to support the recovery.

The purpose of the research is to deepen our knowledge and understanding of leadership best practice and to help provide people with the knowledge and skills to lead and drive careers.

Many thanks in advance for your time and responses – please do share with your network and communities as it is imperative we gather responses from all realms of working life.

Survey extended 21 August, 2020

Simone Roche MBE                  ||      Professor Jane Turner OBE

Founder, Power Platform      ||      Pro-Vice Chancellor, Teesside University

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