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18 January 2021

After nearly a year of being isolated, locked down, and socially distanced, we as a society have missed out on countless networking opportunities, and the chance to build real human connections. Despite these pandemic restrictions, Northern Power Women have been working to digitally recreate these stages for empowerment and collaboration with their 12-week mentor programme.  In December of 2020, […]

26 August 2020

By Sophie Yantian ULaw Leeds and Sheffield campus dean Matt Tomlinson highlights the opportunities available to students in the northern city regions and shares his advice on securing a TC amid the COVID crisis ULaw Leeds and Sheffield campus dean Matt Tomlinson Yorkshire has long been a thriving legal hub in the North. As businesses increasingly […]

5 August 2020

Hannah Baker, Head of Marketing at The Marketing Store on the importance of focusing on actions, not words when it comes to committing to drive change. I hesitate to start this piece claiming that it’s ‘never been more important to be an ally’, because standing up against injustice, platforming oppressed voices and dedicating time to […]

4 August 2020

It is close to a century now since the expression ‘youth is wasted on the young’ was first attributed to the legendary Irish writer George Bernard Shaw. It is a phrase each passing generation has chosen to use when describing younger generations and naturally pertains to the notion of young people wasting their health, vigour […]

3 August 2020

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The 2020 COVID 19 pandemic and the consequential lockdown has meant that this year’s A level results day is going to be pretty different from the other ones. However, there are plenty of proactive steps that you can take to make sure that you end up with […]

3 August 2020

We are all unique. Our differences can often help us to strengthen relationships and achieve greater things together. However, it is sadly not always the case that our differences are seen as strengths. Discrimination at work is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with appropriately. Everybody has fundamental rights in the workplace, regardless […]

3 August 2020

Is remote working here to stay? While many people have predicted the rise of remote working over recent years, nobody expected it to rocket its way to the forefront as it has during 2020. It’s difficult to remember what life was like before the Coronavirus pandemic forced governments and businesses worldwide to implement drastic changes […]

29 July 2020

Onboarding new hires as an early-stage startup can be difficult to get right at the best of times. Now it’s harder than ever, with your startup team all working from home and new hires joining remotely, but it’s also never been more important to get it right. We’ve all heard stories of people arriving for […]

28 July 2020

An increasing number of graduate employers now screen candidates on social media and often reject applicants as a result of their ‘digital footprint.’  Guest blogger and University of Warwick Chemistry undergraduate,  Manpreet Kaur, shares her perspective on how to manage your on-line presence to create the type of positive impression that will impress potential recruiters. […]

21 July 2020

Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Women for Women International – UK Executive Director, gives her top tips for people who want to work in the charity sector, particularly for women’s charities.

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