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14 September 2020

The Female Quotient is set on advancing women to advance equality. One way they are doing this is by  connecting women through hosting virtual dinner parties in over 60 countries. Creating opportunities to network and have open conversations, the FQ is unlocking the value of women. At 6:30pm on 10th September the FQ hosted the […]

14 August 2020

From political superpowers to tech titans, Forbes’ 2017 ranking of the “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” runs the gamut of everyone from Oprah Winfrey and Ivanka Trump to Angela Merkel and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Ranging in age from 92 (Queen Elizabeth II) to 28 (Taylor Swift), it’s clear no two women are the same. […]

11 August 2020

By Marina Gerner, 10th August 2020 An aversion amongst male venture capitalists to talk about vaginas is belittling a whole generation of female entrepreneurs “I walked into this room, and there were probably about 30 men in their late 50s and 60s – all white hair,” says Colette Courtion, founder of Seattle-based health and wellness […]

21 July 2020

Are your employees with hearing loss missing out on the communication support they need to be more efficient? Here’s our helpful guide to offering more communication support for staff with hearing loss. Supporting employees with hearing loss who are working from home If you have staff with hearing loss working remotely, some simple adjustments can […]

21 July 2020

Written By Nick Begy What the Covid Crisis has done is change the world forever, and none more so than in the job search/recruitment market. The market is awash with talent, the job board awash with roles that seemingly don’t exist or are out of date. You try and engage with the agencies and businesses […]

17 July 2020

The show is downloaded more than 2,500 times per day. Guests include resume writers, career coaches, recruiters and job seekers. Topics include resumes, interviewing, job resources & leveraging social media to job hunt. New episodes each month available online, or in iTunes. Contact us if you want to be on the show. To read the notes for each […]

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