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11 December 2020

Teesside University and Northern Power Women have asked a cross section of industry leaders to reflect on the leadership they have both provided and experienced this year, as part of the New Traits of Leadership Research. This was supported by Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Teesside University, Professor Dr Jane Turner OBE DL CCMI, who analysed […]

2 September 2020

Navigating the race and gender divide with Mary Agbesanwa From her position as a Management Consultant at PwC UK, Mary Agbesanwa strongly believes that “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it” when it comes to helping young professionals believe in their abilities to grow within a business. After being named as the number one Future […]

25 August 2020

What is an inclusive wellbeing strategy ‘Wellbeing’ is often used as a blanket term for things that promote employee mental health. An inclusive wellbeing strategy means a lot of different things, but mostly it just means a wellbeing strategy that works for everyone. In order to achieve this, companies should make sure their wellbeing strategy […]

14 August 2020

From political superpowers to tech titans, Forbes’ 2017 ranking of the “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” runs the gamut of everyone from Oprah Winfrey and Ivanka Trump to Angela Merkel and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Ranging in age from 92 (Queen Elizabeth II) to 28 (Taylor Swift), it’s clear no two women are the same. […]

11 August 2020

By Marina Gerner, 10th August 2020 An aversion amongst male venture capitalists to talk about vaginas is belittling a whole generation of female entrepreneurs “I walked into this room, and there were probably about 30 men in their late 50s and 60s – all white hair,” says Colette Courtion, founder of Seattle-based health and wellness […]

28 July 2020

Geoff McDonald: Co-Founder of Minds@Work and Mental Health Campaigner. Transitions: An Introduction During my journey to help organisations address the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace, it has struck me how so many cases of struggling mental health are associated with a transition in people’s lives. It is therefore vital that we continue to raise […]

27 July 2020

BUPA, DELOITTE, PWC AND SALESFORCE ARE FIRST TO OFFER VOLUNTEERING SUPPORT TO THE MENTAL HEALTH SUSTAINABILITY FUND Bupa, Deloitte, PwC and Salesforce have agreed to donate time, skills and resources to help small voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations continue to deliver urgently needed mental health support, as the country faces “a perfect storm” […]

21 July 2020

Are your employees with hearing loss missing out on the communication support they need to be more efficient? Here’s our helpful guide to offering more communication support for staff with hearing loss. Supporting employees with hearing loss who are working from home If you have staff with hearing loss working remotely, some simple adjustments can […]

5 June 2020

Blue Monday is often disregarded, but it can be helpful in improving your employees’ morale throughout the year. Think of Blue Monday as a reminder to look after employee morale all year round It’s back again: 21st January marks Blue Monday 2019. This infamous day gets a mixed reception when it rolls around, with some […]

19 June 2019

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