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Men Over 40 Health Web Series


Every Wednesday, starting Nov 25th, at 11 AM, join 3 of Howard County's leading experts on Men's health for a discussion of how men over 40 can manage and improve their health, fitness, and quality of life. Over each virtual session we will discuss the following topics.
1. Things you can do to prevent or reverse diabetes.
2. How to combat chronic disease.
3. How to avoid injuries.
4. Stress management
5. Developing healthy habits
6. Boosting your metabolism
The expert panelists, each have over 10 years of experience working in health and fitness. They have helped hundreds of men improve their health and quality of life through, fitness, proper movement, nutrition, and mental health coaching

Tags: Coaching, General management & leadership , Human resources, Mental health, Webinars, Wellbeing & fitness

  Virtual Event

  2nd Dec 2020


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