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MMUN Student Working Session – “Student Mental Health”


MMUN Student Working Session – “Student Mental Health”
About this Event
A Live 3.5 hour working session where students will learn about MMUN’s new negotiation procedures while addressing Student Mental Health. Delegates will represent their personal perspectives and opinions on Student Mental Health.
In an effort to keep the committee sessions formal, we are asking students to use an imaginary NGO or non-profit organization rather than their own name during the session. They will be called upon by that name (just as during a conference they would be addressed by their country name). Identifying a student as an imaginary organization is a simple way to support the formality of the committee procedures, rather than addressing students by their own names which can be less formal and distract from the process. Students are able to create any name for their organization, but preferably one that expresses their position on the topic. Some examples of names are Student Health First, Youth in Media, or Hands Across the World.

Tags: Communication skills, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, Mental health, People management, Webinars, Wellbeing & fitness

  Virtual Event

  11th Dec 2020

  16:00 - 19:30

£   Free

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