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Grow Your People, Grow Your Business: Leadership Essentials


This workshop will give you a greater understanding of what Leadership & Management is, how the roles differ slightly, along with basics, essentials and desirables regarding motivation, the team, assertive management, allocation and delegation, time and change management.
The session will also help signpost you towards other support we can offer such as generic sales & marketing plans along with a PESTLE analysis that you as leaders and managers may undertake one day as part of your roles if not doing so already.
The workshop will also look at the consequences of poor leadership and management but also how by showing good leadership and management, it can help grow and further improve your business potentially in terms of turnover, staff retention and profile of company.
Workshop Agenda:
What is Leadership?
Leaders v Managers
Group Based Activity
The Team, Team Work and Team Building
Assertive Management
Allocation, Delegation & Accountability
Time Management
Change Management
Who is this workshop for?
The workshop would be ideal for businesses and individuals who would like to increase their knowledge, understanding and confidence when leading/managing staff and the consequences of poor leadership/management. This will be of particular interest for Directors, Managers, Team Leaders/Supervisors, people new to staff management and/or not attended a development session of this type.

Tags: Business development sales , Business transformation , Creative thinking, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, People management, Research & development, Strategic planning, Webinars

  Virtual Event

  27th Jan 2021

  9:30 - 12:30

£   Free

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