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Unite on Purpose Summit


24-hour international live tv broadcast virtual summit - LIVE 25-26 November 2020
It's now time to bring together a purpose driven movement toward global unity.

What if we came together uniting people around the world to be seen and heard regardless of where they live or the demographic they are in? Standing for the face of modern business and the face of the modern world

We are here to unite a new trading economy where purpose is the currency. By uniting on purpose, we can impact change, kickstart the global economy bringing value to businesses, societies and the world at large.

Join us on BoB Earth, the world’s first purpose-led platform, that connects enterprise to trade, streaming 24-hours live across the globe to build your brand, grow your business, impact an industry, shift the world.

One Earth, One Billion Purposes

Tags: Advertising and marketing, Big data, Business development sales , Business transformation , Change management, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Culture, Entrepreneurship, General management & leadership , Marketing and Branding, Media, Networking, People management, Personal profile, Policy & public life, Project management, Research & development, Risk management, STEM & STEAM, Strategic planning, Training , Web development, Webinars, Wellbeing & fitness

  Virtual Event

  25th Nov 2020 - 26th Nov 2020

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