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Disabled Researchers – Threats and Possibilities?


Disabled researchers continue to be underrepresented in the academy, even ironically in the field of disability studies. This panel brings together some of the brightest minds – disabled researchers – working on social change, empirically and/or theoretically. This international panel will explore such topics as our personal journeys and opportunities as well as barriers to undertaking research.
Please join us and this international panel where we will ponder –
• Why are disabled researchers invisible in the academy?
• How do university arrangements impact on your capacity to be research productive?
• Is there anything ‘distinctive’ to being a disability researcher?
• What needs to be done to elevate the profile of disabled researchers?
The seminar will be followed by a live Q&A.
Dr Fiona Kumari Campbell, University of Dundee.
Professor Debbie Foster, University of Cardiff, Wales.
Dr Huhana Hickey, Independent Researcher, New Zealand.
Professor Anita Ghai, Ambedkar University, India.
Dr Anne Ferguson, Central Queensland University, Australia.
Dr Camit Noa Shpigelman, Haifa University, Israel.
Professor Michele Moore, London Southbank University, UK, Editor in Chief, Disability and Society .

Tags: Business transformation , Change management, Coaching, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, People management, Research & development, Risk management, Strategic planning, Webinars

  Virtual Event

  11th Dec 2020

  9:00 - 10:30

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