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Authentic Leadership and Women Leaders: An Online Leadership Con


Join long-term educators and leaders Amy Armstrong, Denise Henning, and Joan McArthur Blair in an interactive conversation about becoming and flourishing as authentic women leaders in education.
We uplift, support, and foster the leadership of women academics. WHOW (women honoring other women) is a group of volunteer academics committed to creating powerful and generative conversations and learning opportunities for women academics from around the world. We create short highly interactive sessions with women academics from diverse backgrounds on various topics and each year brings women academic leaders together for an appreciative leadership gathering. We are committed to the use of appreciative inquiry and strengths-based engagements that uplift women; inspire positive leadership; and support generative leadership.

Tags: Business transformation , Coaching, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, Mentoring, People management, Webinars

  Virtual Event

  19th Jan 2021

  17:00 - 18:00

£   Free

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