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Stress Management in the Workplace


A LIVE webinar on Stress Management by Consultant Psychiatrist.
Join Dr Sarmila Sinha, LIVE as she teaches effective stress management techniques
What you will learn:
- Causes of stress at work
- Causes of stress in relationships
- Effects of long-term stress
- How to manage stress at work - top tips!
- How to manage stress in relationships - top tips!
- How to improve communication skills - top tips!
- The 4C approach to Stress Management developed by Dr Sinha in her number one best selling book: An Expert Guide to Stress Management
- How to improve lifestyle factors to manage stress- top tips!
- A Guided Meditation session to help to relax and unwind!

Tags: Business transformation , Change management, Coaching, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, Mental health, Mentoring, Webinars, Wellbeing & fitness

  Virtual Event

  26th Feb 2021

  12:30 - 13:30

£   Free

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