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How to introduce a Coaching culture to your organisation


With our recent experiences the corporate world is undergoing a major cultural shift – in the way we communicate, the way we use information and the way we define our priorities in life. Our people and Millennials in particular have grasped that careers are no longer linear, and work is no longer defined by geographical location or the confines of 9-5. Therefore getting the culture right is paramount to enabling your business to grow its most valuable resource.
A business which has a coaching culture will improve
• The employees sense of purpose.
• Boost morale and employee motivation.
• Increase productivity through skill development.
• Improve internal communication and rapport across the business.
This interactive session will provide you with tangible examples and techniques to develop the art of coaching in your workplace.
The event will cover :
• What organisational strategies, goals and policies you need to outline at the beginning of your journey.
• How to engage key stakeholders and find the champions to lead the coaching approach.
• We will discuss the different levels of training that you need
• We can talk about how you overcome some of the challenges you may face.

Tags: Coaching, Culture, General management & leadership , Human resources, Mentoring, People management, Training , Webinars

  Virtual Event

  25th Mar 2021

  18:00 - 20:00

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