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Book Review & Discussion : The Chimp Paradox


In this event, you’ll learn
How to tame your inner chimp by letting him vent
What the third part inside your brain is
Why goblins are at the root of self-sabotage
How to get along with people who are very different from you
Why focusing on your health issues only makes the chimp stronger
About the Author
Dr. Steve Peters is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specializes in optimizing the functioning of the mind. He is Undergraduate Dean at Sheffield University Medical School and the resident psychiatrist with the British Cycling and Sky ProCycling teams.
The Chimp Paradox
The Chimp Paradox starts by introducing a simplified mental model whereby the logical prefrontal cortex section of the brain is represented by the human and is who you truly are as a person. Meanwhile, the emotional centre, the limbic system – is represented by a strong, emotion-driven chimp who you must learn to manage.
Human = rational, logical part of your brain. The pre-frontal cortex. Your true personality.
Chimp = irrational, emotional part of your brain. The limbic system. Designed to keep you safe.
Humans, even when presented with what is obviously a logical choice, will often end up acting irrationally. If you think back, you can probably pinpoint a time where you have acted irrationally in the moment and later felt embarrassed by the way you’ve acted. This book explains that’s it’s not truly ‘you’ doing and saying these things, but rather, your chimp.
The human part of the brain is what helps you to think and act rationally and to thrive in a modern society whilst the chimp portion of the brain is more primitive, acting on feelings and emotions. Whilst it may sound like having a chimp is a chore, its role is actually essential, controlling the fight, flight or freeze reaction that keeps us safe in our daily lives.

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  Virtual Event

  10th Mar 2021

  18:00 - 21:00

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