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Investing in your fitness & general wellbeing


Well, we are well in to the New Year are you still asking where is the New me?!!

Do you want to help to get to grips with myths, facts, motivation and mind set? Taking time to focus in you, your time, body and mind?

At Tilney we are always talking in my world about investments, taking time to educate yourself and move forward – which is exactly how health and fitness link. Healthy heart healthy mind.

So moving away from the traditional ZOOM session where we talk about working with Tilney, we wanted to switch it up and offer something for you or members of your family/friendship circles that might just give you a little light bulb moment or give you an answer to a question you cannot decipher on google.

With this in mind please register to join us on Thursday 25th February 2021 at 4pm to hear facts from a specialist and get to ask her Qs, she will be giving you hints, tips and views on how to improve you.

Join health coach Sally Bolton from Eat, Train Love and Tilney Managing Partner Ann-Marie Atkins to bust through some nutrition and fitness myths and look at ways in which you can maximise your investment in your health by using tools and data.

Registration in advance is required, click the link on the attached invite.

Date: Thursday 25 February 2021
Time: 4.00pm
Registration: ZOOM LINK

The event will be facilitated by Zoom (link to https://zoom.us/privacy )

You can read more about the speaker:


Tags: Wellbeing & fitness

  ZOOM , 15

  25th Feb 2021

  16:00 - 17:00

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