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Introduction to: Being A Leader - A Breakthrough in Leadership D


Leaders make what looks IMpossible, Possible, and then Reality.
Leadership is not what you know but -Who You Are!
NOW, more than ever those who authentically lead will prevail while those that do not easily fail.
We promise that you will leave the course actually being a leader and exercising leadership effectively. This will occur as your natural self-expression! You will be BEING a leader in any situation – no matter what!
Rather than giving you “answers,” this program is designed to empower you to effectively deal with the risks inherent in life and business.
Instead of more knowledge about leadership, you are left with a greater capacity to lead — to lead naturally and effectively, no matter what the situation, in all facets of your life.
This program employs a new science of leadership that gives you access to transforming who you are being as a leader.
The outcome: breakthroughs in your leadership performance that will last a lifetime.
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Tags: Business transformation , Coaching, Culture, General management & leadership , Mentoring, Webinars

  Virtual Event

  20th Apr 2021

  20:00 - 0:00

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