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Neurodiversity at Work 2021


The annual d&i Leaders Neurodiversity at Work Online Seminar brings together 120+ diversity, inclusion, HR and talent related professionals.

Approximately 15% of the population of the UK are neurodiverse – representing a significant proportion of existing staff, job applicants and customers.

This unique online CPD accredited seminar will provide an opportunity to explore the key opportunities and challenges faced by organisations developing environments where neurodiverse minds can flourish.

Topics being explored at the 2021 online seminar include
- How to foster understanding on neurodiversity within your organisation
- Being proactive rather than reactive
- Taking a holistic approach to workplace adjustments for neurodiverse colleagues
- Examining language around neurodiversity
- The legal framework around neurodiversity in the workplace
- We’re all neurodiverse; we’re just not all marginalised by it
- Attracting, recruiting and retaining neurodiverse talent
- The power of storytelling
- How to manage your neurodiverse staff when they are working remotely

Tags: Business transformation , Communication skills, General management & leadership , Health & social care , Human resources, Neurodiversity, People management, Training , Webinars

  Virtual Event

  7th Jul 2021

  9:00 - 12:30

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