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Mind the Trust Gap – Insights on Recruitment in 2021


Recent research conducted by Thomas International suggests that improving the quality of hires is the top priority for organisations in 2021.

But how can you achieve this?

In spring 2021, we spoke to HR and talent leaders across sectors to find out how they hire, the common challenges they face, what works in the hiring process – and what doesn’t. We also took a look at their use of advanced recruitment technologies, readiness for smarter ways of working, and psychometric testing.

Join our panel as we share our research findings, how to fix recruitment and real-world lessons.

Key takeaways:

· Recruitment is on the rise after a slow 2020, so getting things right is vital – we'll show you how
· Using predictive hiring and psychometric testing can bring innovation to recruitment
· Enhance your candidate differentiation, eliminating bias, and screening for more successful hiring

Tags: Big data, Change management, Critical thinking, Human resources, People management, Strategic planning

  Virtual Event

  17th Jun 2021


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