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The Good Business Festival


This July we're taking over venues in Liverpool city centre as well as unusual spaces across the city region to get together in person and help shape a new future for business. A future where profit is measured by more than just money - where social impact, employee welfare, health, happiness and action on climate change are central to business ambition.

We've got a lot of big topics to tackle but we're sure that by getting people in the room - talking face to face like the good old days - we can make real progress. This is about everyone - from global corporations and superbrands to individuals like you and us - committing to working in new ways, meaning what we say and pledging real action.

Join us in debate and discussion with Deloitte, Mastercard, Greenpeace, Patagonia, B Corporation, The Eden Project, Centre for Cities, Liverpool FC, Everton FC, BBC, Ipsos MORI and many more. Who knows what might happen. Make sure you're in the room.

Business isn't just for 'business people'. What happens in business affects all of us, every day. How many brands and companies have you interacted with today? Even just by making your morning cup of tea you're making so many choices - where do you get your electricity, what brand is your kettle, which tea bags have you chosen, did you add dairy or plant milk, where were all these things made, and by who? Where did the money you spent end up, and what is it doing now - lining a pocket, or making a difference?

We have the power to make change. So let's start now.

Tags: Business transformation , Change management, Entrepreneurship, Policy & public life, Recovery & resilience

  Various Liverpool Locations , 22

  7th Jul 2021 - 8th Jul 2021

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