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Artificial You: AI and the future of your mind


Can robots really be conscious? Can we merge with artificial intelligence (AI) as tech leaders like Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil suggest? Is your mind just a program? Join Susan Schneider, author of Artificial You, as she examines what AI can truly achieve.
Given the rapid pace of progress in AI, many predict that AI could advance to human-level intelligence within the next several decades, and from there, quickly outpace it.
Susan will urge that while it’s inevitable that AI will take intelligence in new directions, it’s up to us to carve out a sensible path forward. As AI technology turns inward, reshaping the brain, as well as outward, potentially creating machine minds, it’s crucial to beware. Homo sapiens, as mind designers, will be playing with ‘tools’ they do not understand how to use: the self, the mind, and consciousness.
Join Susan for a sober-minded discussion of these thorny issues.
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This event is hosted live on Zoom Webinar. You’ll receive further instructions and a link to join a couple of days before the event takes place and a reminder an hour before. During the event, you can ask questions via a Q&A function but audience cameras and microphones will remain muted throughout.

Tags: Business transformation , Change management, Coaching, Computer and technical skills, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Data and metrics analysis, Digital & coding , Entrepreneurship, General management & leadership , Mentoring, STEM & STEAM, Webinars

  Virtual Event

  20th Jun 2021

  16:00 - 17:00

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