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The Good Business Festival


MARCH 2021
In March 2021, The Good Business Festival itself will take place as a multi-day, multi-venue event. One year on from lockdown, having had time to process and reset, we will gather 10 000 participants* in Liverpool and its surrounding boroughs and engage with our digital audience of 400k+, for our showstopper event. The smartest minds from around the world will join us to think big, galvanise our ambition and continue to drive positive change in our post-Covid-19 world. With compelling, thought-provoking and unexpected programming, the festival will prove itself to be globally relevant and culturally essential. Core content will be accompanied by social and arts activities, educational programming and fringe events across the region.

The event will be a learning opportunity for everyone. This will be a place where people and companies of all sectors and sizes come together to gain practical advice on working towards better business, and in doing so forge meaningful connections as a purposeful business community. Together we’ll work to understand how business purpose can both help create stronger long-term profitable businesses and contribute to a better society.

Tags: Business development sales , Business transformation , Change management, Coaching, Community/civic society, Computer and technical skills, Conflict resolution, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Culture, Design, Digital & coding , Education, Engineering , Entrepreneurship, Events, Financial planning, General management & leadership , Marketing and Branding, Media, Mental health, Mentoring, Networking, People management, Public-speaking, Recovery & resilience, Research & development, STEM & STEAM, Strategic planning, Training , Webinars

  Liverpool, UK, 22

  1st Mar 2021

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