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NPW Self Curious: What’s stopping you?

Published: 12 September 2019

What”s stopping you?

It”s a good question.

In my TEDx talk the first thing I said about crossing bridges was that you have to want what”s on the other side of the bridge to summon the gumption to cross it.

The first thing that being honest with the question “what”s stopping you?” throws up is “myself”. And then I think we are in cup of tea, packet of crisps and Netflix territory: it”s fine, do something else.

But there may be a list of answers to the question “what”s stopping you?” that are not “myself”, and we have to stop stopping at that answer and look beyond. It isn”t always our fault.

What”s stopping you?





Social inequality.

Climate change (yes, really).

Politics – both the Westminster type and the office and family type.



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