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#NPWSelfCurious: Let it go, part 2

Published: 29 January 2020

Last week we dealt with how to defuse the whizz bang feelings that take us over and threaten to run us off our tracks. (Side note: you can catch up
How did you find the homework? You could do it now if you forgot or didn”t get round to it – yay for adulting! No detention! This week I have felt more mindful of my feelings when they bubble up – good or bad – and have tried to get better at sharing them with others before they boil over.

This week we”re tackling the second and more elusive part of letting go. It”s a difficult question: how do we hunt down the silent mood killers – those invisible, undefinable feelings that suffocate us, if we can”t see or hear them.

Sometimes, it”s like wearing a gorgeous pair of new trousers. You rock up to work feeling epic, and maybe your new threads get some nice comments. It gets to early afternoon, you”ve just had your lunch, and your stomach starts hurting. You spend the afternoon into the evening worrying about what was in that sandwich, and why suddenly your digestion is up the spout. Home time, and after walking through the door you change into your PJs for some sofa time, and…. your tummy ache disappears.

It wasn”t you, it was the trousers.

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