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Posted 2 weeks ago
Opportunity -

Entrepreneur Gender Divide Research

Staffordshire University

Starting Date: 12 Apr 2021


MBA research by a Yorkshire student titled: "Invigorating the Northern powerhouse by addressing the UK entrepreneur gender divide".
There are significantly fewer female entrepreneurs in the UK than male and only around 10% of UK start-up funding goes to female led businesses. Addressing this is an important strategic issue which could contribute to the development of the regions. I am looking for female entrepreneurs (current or potential) or small business leaders to chat online for approx. 40 mins, either one to one or in focus groups, about their challenges and how to address them. It is hoped this research will add value to this important topic. A one-page information sheet is available by emailing f028647k@student.staffs.ac.uk. Please consider supporting this research. Email directly if interested. Thanks for reading this! Kay Ford.

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Contact Name: Kay Ford

Contact Email: f028647k@student.staffs.ac.uk

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