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“Diversity: it’s not only skin-deep”

People make assumptions about you – from your appearance, how you speak and what you say. Pigeon-holing people in this way is a flimsy basis for judging diversity.

Claire Collins asserts that diversity is really about different thinking and lack of conformity. So what does that mean?
Listen to what Claire has to say about:

Building the evidence base for diversity to show it works – whether you put a moral or financial value on it.

Dealing with our unconscious biases – and how to become aware of them.

Encouraging and not so encouraging statistics.

“Break the mould of people taking the short-cut of where it’s easier to recruit somebody who looks like everyone else there” – Claire Collins

Thomas Mason asks Claire who he would invite to a dinner party…
• Emma Walmsley, CEO, GSK.

• Anita Roddick, Founder, Body Shop.

• Bill Gates, Philanthropist and Founder, Microsoft.

Listen to Claire’s episode to find out why…
Claire’s predictions for 2030 are…
There will be opportunity for all to work flexibly and not harm their career.

Recent research showed men in heterosexual relationships said working flexibly would be career suicide – but they were happy for their wives and partners to do that.
Professor Claire Collins
Professor Claire Collins researches and teaches leadership and leadership development with a special interest in diversity and inclusion, quiet leadership, coaching leaders, leadership derailment and women in leadership.

She has experience of working with a variety of organisational and academic clients from the private and public sectors. Claire is also an accredited and experienced business coach working with a wide variety of senior clients.

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