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Northern Power Women Podcast S2 E31 – Tiers before bedtime

This week Simone and Sam discuss the impact of the new tier system on the North and how we can all work together through this difficult time.

There was a focus on mentorship too and a call for YOU to get involved.  Perhaps you’re looking for a mentor, or you could offer someone some support in their career?  Please go get involved today! Just head to the Power Platform and click on “stories” to find out more.

With so many of us working from home, there’s news of a scheme that could see you get some extra cash for increased energy bills, either via your employer or direct from the government.

And with Christmas already disrupted for so many of us, there is good news if you’re a turkey, but potential bad news if you want a turkey on your table this festive season!

This week’s Life Lessons come from consultant Annie Mbako

Tell us your stories of work and life or share your life lessons! podcast@northernpowerwomen.com

Presented by Simone Roche and Sam Walker

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