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The Power Platform has already enabled hundreds of conversations and connections as well as countless opportunities


Find out more about the campaigns, projects and stories that have happened via the power of the Platform.

We would love to hear your success stories – connect@power-platform.com.

We will match you with a mentee or mentor to enable you to pay it forward, learn, grow and share ideas, whilst gaining invaluable advice or imparting wisdom to those who most need it. No matter what stage in your career or education, we all need to be supported and also support others – so […]

LEVELLING UP REPORT ASKS FOR GREATER SUPPORT FOR FEMALE LEADERS AND FUTURE TALENT Levelling Up by Powering On Report A new report, published Wednesday, 30th September, outlines how the Northern Power Women community has mobilised and risen to the challenges that the pandemic has brought.   Based on insight from a series of Power Circles […]

Thank you for you interest in our NPW role models. Much like Northern Power Women, the Power Platform was built to spotlight role models within our community and shine a light on these amazing advocates and allies. Many of our role models are on the Power Platform and we are in the process of transferring […]

JOIN OUR BE HEARD CAMPAIGN We want to improve representation in the media to encourage and amplify a diverse range of voices and are working with multiple high-profile broadcasters to influence this. This campaign was initially inspired from hosting two successful BBC 5050 Project events over the last year which fuelled in excess of 60 […]

This campaign aims to bring together the recently redundant or those at risk of losing their jobs with the SME communities that need support to grow.  Bringing these two communities together will provide mutual benefits and deliver personal and economic growth.  We will campaign for support from the public sector and private sector and investment […]

We have been working with senior leaders, influencers and future talent throughout the pandemic to understand and identify leadership best practise The Power Platform and Northern Power Women, in association with Teesside University, are developing a purposeful piece of research, to look at what the new traits of leadership are in a Covid19 world. “The response […]

Northern Power Futures podcast has been curated to gather the concerns and questions of our next generation and find solutions and advice from the leaders, influencers and supporters across the north (and beyond). The series of podcasts is released monthly consisting of three episodes capturing the hopes and fears of our future leaders with advice […]

Coffee and Connect matches individuals for one-off career conversations to facilitate problem solving, give advice and share knowledge. These bitesize sessions will provide actionable solutions without the commitment of a full mentoring programme.  MENTEES: Whether you want to kickstart your career, improve your communication skills or even get an outsider’s perspective on a project – […]

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