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Are we ready for conscious leadership?

Author: Louise Hallam
Published: 26 May 2020

By Louise Hallam


What does conscious leadership look like?

Someone who builds trust and loyalty, not just in tough times but consistently.

They make decisions thoughtfully, but will not be rushed if the time isn’t right. They have people at the centre of their vision, rather than profit.

They are kind and compassionate, making decisions with their hearts, rather than minds, yet this is not a weakness and is not seen as such within their organisation.

They uphold their personal values consistently and will nurture, support and develop those that out of alignment. They see the potential in everyone and see the gifts and talents in people not the role.

They treat their employees like family and earn the respect of each and every one.
Their ideas may seem radical and different to other leaders, but they always make sense in the bigger picture. This means that their business and employees thrive with struggle or stress.

They choose happiness over long working days and still get the job and more done.
They show their vulnerability and admit their weaknesses.

Our businesses are ready for conscious leaders. You may have already felt the change or the calling to do things differently with a new perspective and a need for advanced personal growth. You may have noticed that the old systems are starting to break down and are no longer working.

It’s not going to have escaped your notice that we are going through turbulent times globally. This is part of a wake up, a shake up, a collective consciousness about the ways that we are being called to do things different. Both in business and as individuals.

Now is the time to prepare as we are yet not done with the changes and it will be a transformation in how we prioritise. Many external factors will rock the very foundations that we have relied upon, which will require a new way of leading to create certainty.

It is the preparation of how we are going to get through the storm, rather than waiting for the massive wave to hit us that is important right now.

Thinking about the individuals and businesses that have got your back. Those people who are going to reach out their hand to you in times of chaos and you will do the same for them. Who are the people that you want in the lifeboat with you?

Will you be able to share time resources and yes, finance to help with cashflow.

We are returning to the old ways, the ancient ways, where we had honour and respect for each other. We need to create a sense of belonging where loyalty enables us to succeed in uncertain times.

It will not be possible to run business on a purely profit-driven approach. The current structures are crumbling and new structures will be built on the psychology of potential.

Who can you collaborate with? Either someone you’ve worked with in the past or someone who you think you can work with. Start having those conversations now. Be honest about what you will require and what you can offer. This is not a time for covering up to save your pride.

We will need to truly care about others in business, going back to a family-based structure, where values, honesty and word are key. Where transparency and openness will promote trust and honest relationships.

A reluctance to change or a resistance to what is coming will not help in these times. Finding news way and creating through community and unity will.

How we lead will be key and the mastery of our advancement physically, emotionally, mindfully, financially and spirituality will be what carries us forward and gives us the strength to respond for collective vision, rather than individual desire.

How are you going to get yourself ready?


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