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The Art of Owning the New Normal

Author: Padmini Pippala
Published: 18 June 2020

#NewNormal; #RemoteLife; #WorkFromHome; #Covid; etc, etc.

These are some of the hashtags you must have actively seen in the recent months. With so much going on with the pandemic it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious. It is difficult to be sane during challenging and ambiguous times. But the ability to move forward despite these unpleasant feelings is key to success.

The reality is, life is filled with uncertainty. None of us really know what the day will bring! We still get up every day and we work hard, we learn, we grow, we share, we fall, we get up, we plan, we laugh, we cry, ….

Now is the time to see the possibilities & opportunities. Moving out of a place of anxiety and into a place of curiosity; choosing our attitude in the given set of circumstances.

As we go through the challenges of people, technology and process. It is great to see how the communication between people continues even when it has become remote. How technology has enabled us to work remotely; and how we are evolving our processes to enable people to work seamlessly. Work hasn’t stopped – releases are going on and work is ‘Business As Usual’. HR is conducting sessions for wellness, activities, communicating regularly with us and keeping us connected.

As all of us are learning to live with the current situation, it is important we have a growth mindset.

Some of the key points to remember in order to achieve this mindset are;

  • Learning —How can I make use of my time better? How can I upskill myself?
  • Coping with situation – As day cares are closed, house help not available; it can be frustrating to cope with the situation. It is all part of the game. Rather than beat ourselves up, learn to balance and discipline your working hours.
  • Gratitude — Recognize all that you already have. This is the time to step back and look at all the things you have achieved.
  • Thinking chair – As kids we were told about the “thinking chair”. This is the time to kick start your innovative mind and not see obstacles as a sign of stopping. All our cinematic heroes like ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ find solutions to surpass the obstacles. Let’s adorn the ‘Hero’ frame of mind and keep innovating.

Stay Safe

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