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We Can Change: The Ripple Effect by Michelle Partington

When you think about change, what immediately springs to mind? Is it that you think you need to change? Another person or group of people need to change? The organisation or system? Or do you just think “things need to change”?

Change means different things to different people and it is mostly a choice. However, sometimes it is forced upon us and we have to learn to adapt or stand up and do something that makes it work for us. I personally experienced a dramatic end to a 23-year career which completely knocked me for six. Things didn”t go to plan and the system failed in certain aspects of my care. I could have just let it go accepting that”s how it was to be but I didn”t. Once I had my strength back I knew I wanted to take action to ensure others are educated in what can go wrong, but also in providing guidance to enable them to support themselves, or those around them. I believe I am making a change with my venture but it”s not an easy road. There are stumbling blocks and sometimes you really have to fight for it. However, if you truly believe you can make a change for the better, then stand and fight if you have to, and not always on your own.

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