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Why we should all celebrate International Men’s Day

Published: 19 November 2018

Why we should all celebrate International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day, which has been described as a global celebration of the “positive value men bring to the world”.

Some people have asked if we need such an event while others have joked that every day is International Men’s Day.

As the founder of Northern Power Women I’m absolutely passionate that we should all celebrate International Men’s Day and here’s why.

If I’m asking men to advocate on behalf of women  I have to ask women to champion men.

There are brilliant male role models out there – but we don’t hear enough about them. We only hear the negative stuff.

I’m not condoning sexism and I’m not pretending there isn’t a glass ceiling. That’s why I’ll keep promoting the incredible contribution that women make.

But let’s not pretend that all men are  guilty by association.

I spoke to a senior male businessman recently who said he was afraid about what he could and couldn’t say in the company of women.

“Can I open  a door? Can I compliment someone’s appearance? Can I ask about someone’s children?” He was genuinely concerned.

In my view ‘absolutely’. It’s just being kind.

I embrace social media but I tire of the judge and jury brigade who are quick to condemn without knowing the facts.

We need to change the culture.

If it’s wrong to have male-only panels is it wrong to have female-only panels? Yes.

There’s no place for racism, sexism and homophobia is life but we have to be careful we don’t demonise people unfairly.

Am  I being un-PC by saying we’re too PC? Where’s the fun?

So my message to men on International Men’s Day is thank you to the role models.

Happy International Men’s Day.


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We are looking to convert behaviour from passive to active and accelerate gender equality from the North.

The findings of the survey will be used to support the ongoing campaign to encourage and celebrate male ‘Agents of Change’ and encourage, grow and foster inclusive cultures.

The survey can be found at


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